Journey Tickets

Journey Tickets

One of the most successful bands from the early era of American rock was Journey. Journey tickets have been on sale across North America and around the world since 1973. The band was formed in San Francisco by artists who were formerly associated with Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch. Over the course of time, the group has gone through a number of changes, both in terms of their sound and membership.

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When Journey tickets first went on sale, concertgoers were treated to the talents of the group's founding members. Included in the original lineup were Neal Schon, Gregg, Rolie, Ross Valory, and George Tickner. Schon and Rolie had recently split from Santana, while Valory and Tickner had previously performed as members of Frumious Bandersnatch. For a brief time early on, Prairie Prince served as the band's drummer.

The first Journey tickets were sold for a New Year's Eve event in 1973 at the Winterland Ballroom. Shortly after that performance, Prince left the group to return to his former group, The Tubes. He would later be replaced by British drummer Aynsley Dunbar. The band would release two initial albums in 1975 and 1976 before undergoing its first major change.

Their debut album was released in 1975, and quickly followed by Look into the Future in 1976. Neither album achieved much success. The lack of success caused Tickner to leave the band between the production and release of Look into the Future. At this point in time, the remaining members took vocal lessons to try to better harmonize their sounds behind Rolie's leading voice. Journey tickets wouldn't receive a boost from this effort as 1977's Next received a relatively flat reception as well.

Needing to make a change, the group hired Robert Fleischman to perform as a frontman alongside Rolie and share vocal duties. His tenure with the group was brief as he left the group following a 1977 concert tour series, reportedly over management differences. It wasn't until a number of other shakeups occurred in the group's membership that it would find its groove and reach untold heights.

Between 1981 and 1983, Journey tickets were as popular as they were going to get. The group released two albums during its peak: Escape (1981) and Frontiers (1983). Feeding off the increasing popularity of Journey tickets following the 1980 album Departure, the group saw Escapepeak at #1 on the Billboard charts followed by a #2 peak for Frontiers. The group's next two albums were released a decade apart and followed vast changes, again, for the group.

Journey released Raised on Radio in 1986 and the album reached #4 on the Billboard charts. Then the group took on an eight-year hiatus during which many members changed and others sought solo adventures. The 1996 return saw the group release Trial by Fire which would peak at #3 on Billboard charts.

Journey tickets are currently on sale for the Journey on Tour series featuring special guest Steve Miller Band. The men of Journey can be seen across the United States in the summer of 2014 from Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey to late-summer dates across California and Nevada.

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